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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

#PeopleAroundUs Day 15: About Him


I will marry this man in front of me in the next couple of months. Heck, I’m more terrified than excited.

Is he the one?

Am I willing to live my entire life with him?

Does he love me wholeheartedly?

Well, look at him. He is more concerned about game stuffs and soccer. What can I say? He married them already. Obviously, I will be his third wives.

We supposed to talk about all the wedding preparation, the caterings, the invitations, the ceremonies and other stuffs… But what did he said? “Wait, babe. Abis  game kedua ya? Abis itu we could talk.” After 45 minutes cheering his soccer team, did we finally talk? Oh no, he’s busy playing Pokopang and Candy Crush.

Sometimes I am not sure if I’m about to marry a 28 years old grown up man or a 14 years old teenager.

But, that’s him.

That is the man I fall in love with. The man who I will end up spend the rest of my life with. I gotta admit despite he puts me the third after soccer and games, I always love watching the smile and eye crease form in his face after he and his team scored goals and all the excitement. Although if they don’t and he starts being a jerk complaining about the game, I know my role to make he smiles again. 

…and the most important thing is, every time I start to be freaky about wedding (and many others), he always be the one who comfort me and calm me down. He will listen to me talk for hours and hours and hours about stupid shit that doesn’t matter.

“Pokoknya abis main Pokopang, kita harus ngobrol ya!  Pokopang and Candy whatever itu won’t pay all the bills, lho.”

“Oke, babe.” And there, he kissed me at my forehead. And just like that I forget how I ever have a doubt in the first place.

Oh yes, I want to marry him.